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Jeffrey Heesen

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Summer hit 2020 crowned with gold! We start with the most recent success, the summer hit of 2020! With the track “Van Mij Only” he scored the summer hit of the year 2020 together with Brace and exactly one year later it was awarded gold status! The two men are having a good time with each other and immediately continue with their recent single “Kadootje”, which is just as well received in the country!

But not only that…

Step back in time: 2015 It's 2015 and suddenly it's there! Jeffrey Heesen makes an overwhelming impression as a finalist of the talent show Blood, Sweat & Tears on SBS6. His performance and appearance were acclaimed by the jury teams, and this makes it clear that the Netherlands has a top artist richer!

And that is also very quickly rewarded with a Buma NL Award! Unique for an artist in such a short period of time!

Buma NL Award: As a reward for his work, he will receive the Buma.NL Award for Greatest Talent in 2015, a better start could not be imagined!

And he continues in his own way, with the sound that he stands for and that he wants to make…

Personal and recognizable sound, and not without success! Jeffrey immediately makes his mark by setting his own course with his own music with which he manages to positively surprise the audience. His album Intens, made in collaboration with producer Waylon van der Heijden, can rightly be called a hit album with a 2nd place in the Dutch Album charts. It contains the hit singles written by himself, M'n engel and Mag Ik De Zon Let Shine, which already clearly shows which direction Jeffrey wants to go with his music and the successor De Wereld Is Van Ons is in the same style and will be just as received enthusiastically!

And his second album, Verbintenis, is also packed with typical Jeffrey Heesen tracks with the titles: Nikita, Love Is Magic, Even Waiting and You.

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