15-21 juli 2023nijmegen

Jan Biggel

Placeholder for Jan Biggel 3 2021Jan Biggel 3 2021

Christmas child Jan Biggel is world famous in the Brabant Liempde and far surroundings with the real clog sound. In 2020 he will be heard nationally for the first time with Fleske d'rin Fleske d'r uit and of course Ons Mother Zeej Nog. Together with Arno Sloot he made Ik Wil Only Liken and We Go Op Stap.

With his room-filling personality, he ensures that the glasses are filled and the mood lifts. To increase the festive spirit, he has refreshed the video of Ons Mother Zeej Nog especially for Carnival 2022. His new single Ha'k Jou Maar Nooit Gekend is also well received by the fans.

His life motto: With humor you get everywhere. We dare to say: It's Only Party When Jan Biggel Has Been.

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