13-19 juli 2024nijmegen


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Not a dime a dozen biography this time, filled purely with poetic descriptions to present the band to the greatest possible height. No, such content would completely miss the mark in the case of HIKE, and besides, the four gentlemen would not feel at all comfortable with it. In addition, HIKE does not need this at all, because partying Netherlands knows more than enough just by hearing the name or seeing the huge logo in block letters!

After a trip of 2.5 years, the four musicians are fully recharged to do what they came to Earth for, which is to create steaming fun at a musical high level, and that at every party! The repertoire is very diverse, but always with a commercial approach and presented with a good dose of humor and a good load of positive energy!

It is not without reason that HIKE was voted 'Most Popular Party Band of the Netherlands' by Party Awards several times, and several docuseries have been made about the band. And, what's the name of that summer hit again? Nice Nice in the Sun!

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