13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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Another thirteen in a dozen biography, filled with the most beautiful words, wonderful compliments and poetic descriptions of the amazing greatness of the act, would completely miss the mark in the case of the (cover) band HIKE! The four musicians of HIKE are way too sober for this, and don't need this at all. Feestvierend Nederland knows more than enough just by hearing the name, or seeing the four well-known block letters!

After a break of 2.5 years, the gentlemen of HIKE are impatient to do what they have loved to do since 1998, namely creating steaming cosiness and the ultimate atmosphere at every party! And that at least 100 times a year! You won't forget a performance by HIKE that quickly and it makes an impression; memories will still put a big smile on your face years later! It is not for nothing that the band was named 'Most Popular Party Band of the Netherlands' by Party Awards several times! And, that summer hit... what's it called again? Have fun in the sun!

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