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Frans Duijts has been touring the country for several years as an imitator of his great hero André Hazes. A job that he happened to land in, in addition to his work at the family demolition company Duijts. At thirteen he started with a drive-in show and later he went with artists as a sound engineer. "I had to test the microphone and then I gave a nice show, usually with songs by André Hazes," said Frans. He did that so well that at a certain point the question arose whether he could provide a performance as a Hazes impersonator during a party. One thing led to another and before he knew it Frans had another job.

Although he loved interpreting André Hazes' songs, it was a secret dream to try it with his own repertoire one day. The cover came at the end of 2005. Frans released the song 'You think you can do everything from me', written by Pierre Kartner (father Abraham). Frans: “I got such good reactions to my performance of this song that it got me thinking. How would people like it if I really released Frans Duijts songs?”.

In 2006 the album 'Ik zing een song voor je' (I sing a song for you) was released (later the title was changed to 'Thinking that you can do everything') with largely its own repertoire. Frans reached a large fan base with it, but he still wanted to create his own sound even more. This also happened on his second, later platinum-winning album, which was appropriately titled 'Zo ben ik zijn'. The regional and Dutch-language stations had embraced the singer before, but from that moment on, the national radio and TV stations also picked him up. “The life song is simply a language that everyone understands”, says Frans, who can now call himself one of the most popular folk singers in the Netherlands.
Not much later, Frans Duijts wrote the first number 1 hit listing with his single 'Morgen is pas morgen', written by the writing duo Nick Schilder and Roel van Velzen.

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