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Ferry de Lits

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Ferry's music career begins, as with most artists, behind the bar. In this case his father Harrie's favorite pub. This café sponsored his first single Kijk In Mijn Hart in 2004, after which producer and lyricist Jheron van der Heijden started working with him. Ferry stormed the charts with records such as Soft Tikt De Regen, Joana and Breathless Door De Nacht.... He is very proud of the duets Friends Forever and Dan I Will Be There, which he makes with good friend Django Wagner.

The first track is released as a single and Ferry is invited for a guest appearance at Django Wagner's first live concert in 2014.
His debut album Rhythm Of The Night is widely received. Ferry manages to reach a wide audience on stage with his varied repertoire with a high entertainment level for young and old. The single Everyone Knows 't has become a cheerful swing record while he delivers a beautiful duet with Ask Not More Why, a duet with Jill Helena.

His latest album Breathless is a disc full of songs with a smile and a tear, but above all: Ferry. With his new single Als Ik Het Doe Ferry will turn many a tent upside down next summer. As we are used to from Ferry de Lits, it is a song with a high party level. Will this single be as successful as its predecessors Want You and I Love You Baby? In any case, as far as we're concerned, yes!

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