13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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On the first walking day, the walkers pass the Faberplein! The Faberplein is one of the few locations in Nijmegen where the 4daagse passes on Tuesday. Super shame to miss this event of course! That is why we have given Tuesday a new look this year, namely: Faberpleins Flag Day! From the first walkers we make it a party and we will wave them through with a flag and a smile.

Everything around this day is all about 'flag with a smile' or 'smile with a flag'! It will be a pleasant, interactive event for both visitors and walkers. The tunnel, through which the walkers walk, is completely decorated with flags. Hikers can 'grab the flag' of Old Dutch here. You may be familiar with the caterpillar track at the fair? Where a brush floats above the visitors and they can grab it and win a prize? That's what we're going to do with our flags! If the walkers get hold of a flag, they can keep it! The flags can be found in all shapes and sizes; from custom made flags to national flags. How nice when someone from France gets hold of his/her own national flag!

In addition, a prize will be awarded to the visitor/hiker with the most beautiful suit! Make an outfit of flags, wear a flag as a dress, throw a crazy flag around your shoulder; everything is possible! The best flat pack wins (for example) 100 bitterballen!

We will also all make the annual flag 2023! By means of a mobile sewing workshop and handy seamstresses, flags are made on site, in collaboration with the public and visitors. All these flags together form the annual flag 2023! This flag will have a prominent place on Faberplein. In a few years, the entire Faberplein will be full of these annual flags!

In addition to all the fun activities, the day will of course be framed by Tony Teriffic ft. Pancake and DJs!

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