13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

DJ Henry Wessels

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Entertainer / DJ

The entertainment business started when I started playing records, and the audience liked it. In Austria I was an entertaining DJ. I put the pictures together and provided a great après-ski. Later I also played in Spain, in party cafes. But I prefer to be in the Netherlands. And then all kinds of parties. Nothing is to crazy. Party tents, sports canteens, village houses, weddings and parties, public or private. Young and old, there's no one I can't entertain!

I master different styles: après-ski, Dutch, dance classics, gold from old, rock or rock and roll, I like everything! Are you asking about my favorite music? Then I call from Hazes to Elvis, and from the Motown era to the nice 90s. In short, everything. You ask, I turn

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