13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen

De Groene Kliniek - Gouden Haas

Placeholder for Keith Montgomery De Groene Kliniek LR 1330Keith Montgomery De Groene Kliniek LR 1330

Suffering from train pride, avocado shame or environmental melancholy? Then sign up for the theatrical installation De Groene Kliniek by Gouden Haas! At this pop-up safespace - which is staffed by a team of skilled climate psychologists - you can go for outpatient care for your small and large climate concerns. Is something bothering you? Or do you really have nothing to worry about at all? In both cases, a consultation at De Groene Kliniek is something for you! Gouden Haas creates space through theatrical experiences. For reflection. For floor. Are you ready for a green consultation?

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