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Dave van Well

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Dave van Well was born in the morning of August 22, 1986 in Nijmegen.

Because he was born in August, he got the zodiac sign Leo, which stands for go-getter.

Dave grew up with Dutch-language music from the local air pirates in the area. As a child he quickly became fond of music and therefore always sang the Dutch songs full-heartedly. One summer day he had the window open while singing and heard people in the neighborhood sing him. This earned him many positive reactions.

At that time, Dave's passion was football, but after 16 years of football, music increasingly took over.

The name Dave van Well rolled over the tongue more and more, so Dave was increasingly asked to perform in and around Nijmegen. It was time for his first CD single called ''Connected for life''.

Through a TV broadcast by Omroep Gelderland, Dave came into contact with Emile Hartkamp and Frans Bauer. Frans Bauer advised him to take singing lessons with his singing teacher Mieke Werger.

In 2005 Dave signed a record deal with the well-known record executive Johnny Hoes. Via his record company Telstar, an album was released called '' Te Quiero '' with 14 songs by top composers and lyricists such as Emile Hartkamp and Johnny Hoes. Caramia is the track that is often requested from this album at national radio stations and performances.

In 2007 Dave decides to start his own studio and record label called '' Dave van Well Music '', in addition to his singing career, intended for beginning and advanced artists who want to accompany Dave in the music world.

In 2010, Dave has to deal with health problems. He does perform and makes the necessary productions for other artists. For Dave himself as an artist, no new productions will be released during this difficult period, but he is working on getting his health back on track.

In 2013 everything is back to normal. Dave is working hard in his own studio on a new 14 track album called ” You know what I mean ” This title is derived from his safeword you get what I mean.

The performances are still in full swing and it is a very successful period.

In 2016 Dave turned 30 and a lot has changed in both music and his private life. The step from boy to man has been taken. His first daughter named Valentina is born on the night of July 16.

The Performances are now in full swing and Dave decides to take it easy and enjoy his family. There will be a single this year called "Stay with me tonight" which has been well received by the public and has contributed to more national exposure.

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