15-21 juli 2023nijmegen


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Party! That's what CINDY wants to bring to the Dutch stages. With her first single Dat Is Wat Ik Doe, the North Holland singer is creating a new sound: Dutch-language disco. Fresh, new, very danceable. Just try to stop and think about that…

She is only 21 and comes from Midwoud, in the northern part of North Holland. CINDY only discovered music there when she was 15, in high school. In the Music subject she had to sing a song, for the class one by a number. Although CINDY had never sung in front of an audience until then, what she did caught on. When I was done, my teacher told me to participate in the annual song festival that was held at school. That seemed funny to me, so I gave up. And out of nowhere I won!

A video of her performance ended up on YouTube and was seen by a fellow villager, who asked CINDY to start a band. That was Tie Break. They made English covers, but the band did not last long. Yet the seed was planted at CINDY. Another neighbor advised me to participate in the talent show of party cafe Jantjes Spanje in Amsterdam. That was when the spark flew. I stood there on stage and realized: I want to do that!

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