13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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The equivalent of the Vierdaagsefeesten in Belgium is the Gentse Feesten. And one of the phenomenal phenomena of those Gentse Feesten ten years ago was a street band that played masked under the name BLOW: two saxophonists and a drummer drove passers-by crazy and a legend was soon born. The street band would visit several major European cities to come back years later as a full-fledged stage band. The third incarnation - hence 3.0 - takes them to Valkhof Festival, where they present new work.

BLOW 3.0 still has the energy of those earlier street concerts (and still plays masked), but now their sound has become even more diverse and you can hear jazzy techno, fragments of afrobeat and drum & bass. Our Bloem stage will soon provide enough space for dancing, which will not be a superfluous luxury with BLOW 3.0.

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Have a blast

At the Vierdaagsefeesten you can go all out, anywhere and in your own way. Do you like 80+ beats…

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