13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Alina Pash

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You read that right: Alina Pash - Ukraine's other Eurovision sensation - brings her unique mix of rap and folk to Valkhof Festival! Pash is often regarded as the real winner of Ukraine's Eurovision preliminaries, but the looming invasion of Russia set things on edge: Pash's alleged trip to annexed Russian territory in 2015 was enough to nominate another winner. Her near-participation was briefly world news, until the invasion by Russia unfortunately became the bitter reality and changed the world forever.

Today more than ever, Pash's lyrics symbolize a country that strives for self-determination and its own identity - without this necessarily implying a threat. In her songs she combines Ukrainian and English that embody the combination of her own history and Western influences, but her appearance and music also harbor a universal message. This promises to be a special concert without a doubt.

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