13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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Adil is a native of Berchem who, as a little boy, loved nothing more than imitating The Jackson 5 with his 3 brothers. His love for music earned him a spot in the top 10 of Idol 2007 at the age of 17.

A year later he took part in Can You Duet, where his performances did not go unnoticed. After several years of studying, working and guitar lessons in Barcelona, Adil started the group with Abdel Kariem Asselman: Adil & AKA. Adil describes their music as rhythm & soul. "What you see is what you get" is their motto on stage.

Adil found his own voice and sound by working with singer-songwriters in Barcelona. In his lyrics he likes to talk about the energy and power of people. His songs are therefore soulful, with a touch of R&B and pop.

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