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At the age of ten, the sympathetic René Karst writes his first song. He performs for years with his mother under the name Duo Karst. This duo is appreciated in the cabaret scene for their songs from Drenthe with beautiful lyrics. Together they release 25 albums, one of which has even reached gold status. After thirty years on the stage, his mother takes a step back. At that moment, a time of reflection begins for René. Music is his lust and his life, which way will he take? He makes a decision: to sing in Dutch. Conquer the audience with festive music. Theaters are being exchanged for party cafes and mega pirate parties, and with success!

In 2007 the song 'Supergave Tijd' was created. A hit is born. René even gets national fame with it. Various albums and successful singles such as 'Kruipend Door De Supermarkt', 'Op De Tafel Dansen' and 'Hollanders' follow. However, the madness really breaks loose when René writes the mega hit 'Liever Te Dik In De Kist' together with his good friend Stef Ekkel in 2016. This ultimate party hit, now good for more than 12 million views on YouTube, becomes the hit of the year and Stef and René see every party tent inside and out. A second (duet) single, 'We Are Even Better If We Are Drunk', also follows and reaches the highest regions of the charts.

At the end of 2018, René takes a new path and signs a contract with record company Dino Music. With a new team he releases singles such as 'Skol Cheers Cheers' and the hit of 2019, 'Atje Voor De Atmosphere'. In 2019, he even received a Buma Award for 'Biggest Feesthit' for 'Atje'. René also stands out on TV. For two seasons, he can be seen every Friday as a jury member of the popular 'All Together Now', presented by Chantal Janzen. On Radio 538, René can be heard every Monday morning with his musical end of the weekend in 'De 538 Morning Show with Frank'.

In 2020, René will be nominated for an Edison for his album 'Atje Voor De Atmosphere And Other Atmosphere Makers'. He also released the single 'Bos Hout Voor De Deur' together with the band Bökkers, following a guest appearance with the band in Paradiso Amsterdam. In March, shortly after the release of the single 'Annemarie', René became infected with the Corona virus and was even admitted to hospital. René recovers and releases the single 'Wheat Smoothie' at the end of September.

At the beginning of 2021, René will write a number of songs in country style together with Jan Tekstra. Due to the Corona crisis, it makes little sense to release party music and so the idea arises to record these country songs. René's dream comes true and the mini album (EP) 'Satisfied & Tequila' is a fact! The single 'Kolen Op Het Vuur' will be released in the spring and is doing well. It is the ideal BBQ plate!

In the summer of 2021, René will participate in the SBS6 program 'De Alleskunner VIPS'. He makes it to tenth place (out of 35!) and is popular among the viewers. When the Corona measures are finally relaxed, it's time for new singles like 'Una Cerveza Por Favor' and 'Sneeuwscooter Boy'.

Meanwhile, René's performances are becoming increasingly popular. Like no other, 'the man with the green glasses' knows how to adapt his repertoire to his audience, something that makes him unique in his kind and highly appreciated by fellow artists.

Anyone who googles his name will find a versatile person. In addition to being an artist, René is also a writer of songs for Dutch artists such as Frans Duijts and Wolter Kroes. He is also committed to charities such as the Reading & Writing Foundation and occasionally makes a trip to the theater with small songs. René considers himself lucky with his musical existence: “I love it when I see people climb on the tables and chairs to dance. Then I'll do it right." Songs with a high sing-along content. Cabaret-like texts that appeal to a wide audience. Add an acoustic guitar to it and you have a combination to die for!

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