13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Lövestad (Live)

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Few electronic acts give meaning to the word ‘live’ the way Lövestad does. Lövestad embodies Sjors Lammertink with his synthesizers but Lövestad used to be a duo performance. Their performances were so dynamic that even the Panorama Bar in Berlin took note, booking them for one of their very first shows back in 2015. Since then, the duo’s signature performances, pumping groovy futuristic disco and emotional house out of a big stack of analog synths and drumcomputers has caught the eye of the world. Their unique shows have earned them gigs at Amsterdam’s Royal Concert Hall, Fusion Festival, renowned nightclubs like Katerblau, Hive Zürich, Klein.Garten in Istanbul, a hosting at De Marktkantine (with invites like Session Victim and Paul Woolford) and their own concertnights where they perform three-hour improvised livesets. In July 2020 Jørgen and Sjors took a musical break, after which Sjors decided to continue with Lövestad on his own. It felt like his mission to use all the musical lessons he’d learned troughout the years to keep evolving the sound of Lövestad. He’s thrilled to share his fresh and energetic live-set to the world. His infectious energy stands as a testament that the funk is still alive and kicking in electronic music!


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