13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Kika Sprangers & ADAM Quartet

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Saxophonist Kika Sprangers and the ADAM Quartet take you on a musical adventure. Classical works from the repertoire for string quartet (Ravel, Schubert) are juxtaposed with arrangements of Kika's own compositions. The musicians dive into each other's worlds, playing classical melodies and jazz improvisations.

With her velvety sound, sparkling idiom and compelling compositions, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Kika Sprangers is one of the most heart-conquering musicians in our country. Kika introduces her musical story to the listener through emotional and honest playing. Kika's game is about combining vulnerability and strength. A vision that expresses itself musically in a preference for unorthodox line-ups and tensions from symphonically full passages to charged silences.

The ADAM Quartet is part of the Dutch String Quartet Academy and, with a fresh look, looks for ways to shine its own light on the string quartet while remaining true to the essence of the genre. ADAM made its debut with courage and enthusiasm on major Dutch stages and festivals, such as Het Concertgebouw, Tivoli Vredenburg, String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, Grachtenfestival, Stift Festival, Klassifest and Down the Rabbit Hole. The contemporary perspective of the ADAM Quartet has already led to many interesting collaborations and crossover programs in which they enjoy exploring other music styles and disciplines.

Kika Sprangers (saxophone), Margot Kolodziej (violin), Julia Kleinsman (violin), Minna Svedberg (viola), Renée Timmer (cello).

Tickets: €7.50 available viathis link

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