13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Hippe Gasten

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Hippe Gasten makes rock for children. No pedantic fingering or lame tunes, but serious songs with screeching guitars and pumping drums. For the children who have passed the K3 station and want to enjoy perhaps their first real pop concert with their parents.

The 5 men play every concert as if it were their last performance. They want everyone to enjoy their music together. Grandfathers, grandmothers, the rockers in the room, Jan with the cap and even passers-by stay stuck when they see this band blasting. In the meantime, the band has already played at hundreds of festivals, pop venues and theaters throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Perhaps you have already heard it? Hippe Gasten is already quite famous in China! Hippe Gasten has already played his show for very happy, enthusiastic parents and children in various cities across this immense country. The same songs, sung in Dutch: the ultimate proof that music crosses borders and is language independent.

During the concerts, the necessary musical stunts will of course be performed, as you would expect from Hippe Guests and we even dare to reveal that there will be crowd surfing, just like in the video of 'Koning Van De Dansvloer'. Perhaps you are the one who will be praised!? So don't be afraid, take a step forward and let yourself be carried away into the musical world of Hippe Gasten.

Everyone is welcome. Cucumber bee!

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Stadseiland Stek - Stadsschouwburg op tournee

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