Ask any visitor of the Vierdaagsefeesten why they are visiting this party for years and the answer will be: the great ambiance of Nijmegen.

For a moment, experience what it’s like to be from Nijmegen, make new friends, dance to and enjoy the typical music of our city.

Can't choose?

Where to go if you want to enjoy some Nimweegs fun? How about:

  • Henk Dissel and Frans Duijts in the Molenstraat
  • The Nimweegs Artist Festival on the Dutchiest Joris Ivensplein (square)
  • Roze Woensdag (Pink Wednesday) at Credible
  • Kafke at Wintersoord

These and more highlights you cand find under the theme:

Nimweegs fun (Nimweegs gezellig)