Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us if you have any questions. To provide you with a faster response, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Vierdaagsefeesten below:

Is there an app of Vierdaagsefeesten in 2018?

A Vierdaagsefeesten app is available this year. The program and map on our website are available offline on your phone. All you have to do to use the mobile website as an app is to open the website on your phone and save it as an app on your home screen. You can compose your own program by clicking on the heart which appears on your screen with every part of the program. Your customized program can be found at ‘my program.’ Happy Vierdaagsefeesten!
Sincerely, Vierdaagsefeesten team.

How is the program of Vierdaagsefeesten composed?

The program is based on the principle that there is something for everyone. Vierdaagsefeesten is for everybody, so there should be music for everybody as well. On top of that, the expected turn-out is taken into account.

Will all programming be eligible for a location then?

No, the present number of locations is sufficient. Additionally, we cannot find a spot for all programming, because we strive for diversity. Sometimes, programming is not appropriate for the public space, or it will attract target audiences that we cannot facilitate.
We take all these factors into account.

Can the programming be played at home?

Yes, this can be done via www.4daagsetv.nl Vierdaagsefeesten Radio can be found in Nijmegen on 107.8 FM.
The livestream can be found on this website under ‘visitor.’