What is a party without celebrating it with others? At the Vierdaagsefeesten we have got you covered: party together with one and a half million other visitors who can be found in Nijmegen these seven days. 

A freely, accessible and invaluable event for the generations of today and tomorrow!

  • More than 1.000 different performances 
  • More than 4.000 different (inter)national artists 
  • More than 100 different street acts & marching bands 
  • 22.000 m2 of festival space
  • 300 extra outside bars
  • More than 18.000 m2 of outside sitting space 
  • > 165 different outside sitting venues 
  • More than 20.000 available chairs 


69,5% of all visitors is accompanied by two to five other persons when traveling to the city.
21% travels to Nijmegen with six or more friends, family or acquaintances.
9% of all visitors travel to Nijmegen in pairs.

Number of visitors in 2018: 381.000 unique visitors that week, which visited Nijmegen a total of 1.615.000 times together

  • Average expenditure per person: 43,50 euro a day
  • More than 1.250.000 liter of drinks 
  • More than 3500 m2 of area for booths and vendors 
  • > 500 merchants
  • More than 175 different booths and vendors 
  • Total expenditure Vierdaagsefeesten: 63 million euro