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From 16 to 22 July, Nijmegen will once again become the capital of the Netherlands: during the Vierdaagsefeesten, the entire city will be one large festival! More than 1000 acts will perform on over 40 stages. Time for the unveiling of a large number of new artists.

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New Names

Enjoy today’s finest par­ty tunes with Antoon, Flem­ming (Plein 44), Fam­i­lie De Bruyn (Faber­plein), DJ Jerome en DJ Mitchel van Wijk (Vil­la Groots Plein). Feel­ing a true Dutch­man? Go to Theo van Cle­eff, Gebroed­ers Knip­ping, Dave van Well, The Moon­lights, Belin­da Kin­naer, Ron de Rid­der, Gio Swikker,Robert Pater, Mar­vin de Geest, Mike Sanders (Joris Ivensplein).

Do you like great hits of all times? Then sing and dance along at Baby Blue, Jew­el­ste (Faber­plein), Dirty Dad­dies, BZB, Men­tal Theo (Plein 44), Seri­ous Boaters (Smaak­markt), Ozo (Fes­ti­val op t Eiland), Wilco Koster, DJ Willem de Wijs and DJ Hen­ry Wes­sels (Vil­la Groots Plein). You can real­ly get down on the dance floor at Fies­ta Macum­ba and Hon­ey Hon­ey (Smaak­markt).

As a music lover, be sure to check out the per­for­mances by Tim Knol, Michael Prins, All the Kings Daugh­ters (Sint Jacob­skapel, includ­ing tick­et sale), Alex Cameron, Nep­tun­ian Max­i­mal­ism, Unschool­ing, K.ZIA, Deathcrash, Baby’s Beserk, M(h)aol, Bnny­hun­na, Deep­tan, Foxlane, Gott, Pódi­um, the pro­gram of Schu­um (Valkhof Fes­ti­val), Nonchelange, Het Gezelschap, Babs, Thaïti and Jadi D (Smaak­markt).

Do you want to enjoy music from all over the world? Then go to Ali­na Pash, Voice of Bace­prot, the pro­gram of Ored Record­ings (Valkhof Fes­ti­val), Boomshakalak Soundsys­tem, Rolling Beat Machine, Blend Mishkin & Roots Evo­lu­tion, Ooost­blok, Louis King, Balka­no­va Orches­tra, Ter­ra Vol­ta, Doc­tor Vel­vet, Tom Cherry’s Sin­ners, Dee’s Hon­ey­tones, Boot­leg Bet­ty, Regi­na & The Root of Three, Hob­nob Four, Jesco, Hymn for her, Super Nat­ur­al Selec­tion, Ron­ny Skanks, Jet­black 56, The Touch, Blues Treat, Lörk, Moon­glow (De Kaaij), Col­lignon and Betray­ers of Baby­lon (Smaak­markt).

In between all the fes­tiv­i­ties, do you need some­thing more pro­found? Then take a look at the lec­tures of Rad­boud Reflects, Rad­boud Uni­ver­si­ty and Rad­boud UMC (Fes­ti­val op t Eiland), Drift’s Danspaleis (Smaak­markt) or abseil­ing from the Stevenstoren. 

First Names

Fol­low the col­ors on the poster and:

Go wild with Ron­nie Flex (Matrixx Live aan de Kade), Kris Kross Ams­ter­dam, Fren­na, Feestd­jRu­ud (Matrixx at the Park), Ascen­dant Vierge (Valkhof Fes­ti­val) or The Dri­ve (Sam­son).

Find Pri­mal Dutch cosi­ness with Stef Ekkel, Rein Mer­cha, Belin­da Kin­naer, Mar­loez Atem­los (Joris Iven­splein), Wolter Kroes, Mart Hoogkamer (Matrixx Live aan de Kade) and Ron­nie Ruys­dael (Faber­plein).

If you like the best all-round par­ty music, enjoy Sjieke Bazen & Friends (Rade aan de Kade), Dance­floor Dandies, De Grote Karaōke Show (Van Ouds), The B Machine (Her­tog­plein), the Gevel­con­cert (Grote Markt) and fire­works show Waal in Vlam­men.

If you are a true music lover, dis­cov­er the newest bands from the Nether­lands and abroad such as Beak>, Crack Cloud, Spill Gold (Valkhof Fes­ti­val), Dyan­ta (World Street Kitchen) and That’s what she said (Van Ouds).

Enjoy music from all cor­ners of the world with Pedro Luis & his Cuban expe­ri­ence (Hennes Latin Stage), DJ Radan (World Street Kitchen), Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy (Valkhof Fes­ti­val) and William Smul­ders (Sam­son).

Cel­e­brate inclu­sion and diver­si­ty on Wednes­day with, among oth­ers, Nijmeegse Annie (Sam­son) and Roze Woens­dag Jong! (Mar­iën­burg­plein).

Need a break from the hus­tle and bus­tle of par­ty­ing and some­thing dif­fer­ent? There is a chil­dren’s cir­cus, flower rain, yoga (De Kaaij) and work­shops by Zaadel Mak­er­ij (Fes­ti­val op t Eiland).

Keep an eye on our instapage and face­bookevent for the next update of even more fine artists on the most beau­ti­ful sev­en days of the year!

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