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Unfortunately, the Vierdaagsefeesten are canceled again. This is a big disappointment to everyone. We would have loved to see more possibilities in the Vierdaagsefeestenweek, especially in light of the current relaxation, but we understand the judgment of the emergency services that the popularity effect of the Vierdaagsefeesten is too big and entails too many risks.

Yet we try to share the Vierdaagsefeesten feeling with each other, from 17 to 23 July. How?

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Nijmegen has the largest terrace density in the Netherlands! The ideal place to settle down in the third week of July, because then they are also in Vierdaagsefeesten style.

At some locations you can literally taste the atmosphere of the Vierdaagsefeesten with a special limited edition Vierdaagsefeesten beer!

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The concerts in the beautiful Stevenskerk, presented by Doornroosje, will continue. You can enjoy these artists:

  • Tuesday 20-7: The Nobody
  • Wednesday 21-7: I am Oak
  • Thursday 22-7: Judy Blank
  • Friday 23-7: Frank Boeijen (sold out)
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X Valkhof Festival

The Valkhof Festival presents a Plan X, with a line-up full of exciting names, (inter)national artists of tomorrow and discoveries that you will still remember years later. Although it is in a different form, it is still in the best tradition of Valkhof Festival. The concerts take place in Open Air Theater De Goffert, Stevenskerk, Doornroosje and Extrapool.

Otis x Brebl

You will not find the Otis Park outside this summer, but inside, in Brebl! The whole month of July you can enjoy a good portion of jazz, funk and soul. During the Vierdaagsefeestenweek:

  • Saturday 17-7: groovy funkhop from Three Little Clouds
  • Sunday 18-7: modern jazz and soul grooves by Meika
  • Tuesday 20-7: making music together with the BreblJazzJam
  • Wednesday 21-7: Richie Reichgelt and guests in the Jazz Republic Sessions
  • Thursday 22-7: jazz with traditional folkore music by In Trio
  • Friday 23-7: hard grooves and explosive solos from Power to the Pipo
Placeholder for 18 07 2020 Richie Reichgelt uartet Otisx Brebl Vierdaagsefeesten2020 Jan Willem de Venster 718 07 2020 Richie Reichgelt uartet Otisx Brebl Vierdaagsefeesten2020 Jan Willem de Venster 7
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Writers in the Stevenskerk

Even though the Vierdaagsefeestenweek is not as busy as usual, the Gelderland Zuid Library still provides a wonderful resting point in perhaps the most beautiful location in Nijmegen: the Stevenskerk.

Let yourself be carried away by the intense stories of Manon Uphoff on Monday or get to know the world of poetry with Ellen Deckwitz on Sunday!

Festival Ponton at Hubert

You can go to Hubert for seven days for a new festival: Ponton! Together with Bijsmaak, they ensure that underground and above-ground culture merge, with a good portion of music and water fun!

You can dance in Hubert's hall. Great DJs provide your portion of reggae, funk, soul and house. You can chill out on the terrace, and the tea garden becomes a real Tinder Garden. In addition, expect swimming pools, sun, games, Wim Hof ​​breathing, yoga sessions and much more.

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Dance marathon in the Achtertuin

During the Vierdaagsefeestenweek you can dance for seven days long during the already legendary Achtertuin Dance Marathon. With a super diverse program with friendly collectives, DJs and other nice people, you can wave the 1.5 meter distance goodbye, have fun with strangers and dance harder than ever before! Guests are: Goldband, Watermelon, Debbie's Sister, Jiwa Jiwe, Honey Honey, Fiesta Macumba and Serious Boaters.

Roze Woensdag Young

This year everything looks a bit different, but the Gelderland Zuid Library and the Roze Woensdag Foundation are still organizing a wonderful program, especially for young people. The event that wasn't there until now! In the Marienburg Library, LUX and on the Mariënburgplein they can celebrate, shop, meet writers, be inspired and much more. Have you always wanted your own drag makeup? Everything is possible. A youth editorial team has put together an amazingly beautiful program. Writers Splinter Chabot and Edward van de Vendel and the instafamous Maxime Albertazzi are already there! Be there on July 21 between 1 and 5 pm at Roze Woensdag Young!

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Escaperoom with Mons & Mari

Mons and Mari are very sorry that the Vierdaagse and the Vierdaagsefeesten are cancelled. Luckily they figured something out! They go back in time with a time machine so they can still be there. But due to a mistake they do not know in which year they have ended up. How do they get home now? Put your best foot forward to help Mons & Mari!

This escape room for families (7+) is full of archive material, puzzles and assignments. Book a time slot at De Mariënburg Library and try to solve the riddle within one hour. Will you manage to get Mons & Mari back?

Abseiling Stevenstoren

Abseiling from Nijmegen's Sint Stevenstoren? This is only possible during Vierdaagsefeesten, even this year! A fantastic experience with a beautiful view over Nijmegen. You've never seen Nijmegen like this! Daily from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Why no Vierdaagsefeesten?

Together with the municipality and emergency services, we had to announce at the end of April that the Vierdaagsefeesten will not continue in 2021 either. Our modified plans for a 'limited edition' with a number of enclosed parks and squares were also discouraged by the emergency services: it was feared that the Vierdaagsefeesten would be too attractive, which would lead to uncontrollable crowds in the city centre. Due to the preparation time, the current relaxations are unfortunately too late for us. Read more about this.