13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen
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Play sand is the setting for a variety of fun activities; especially for young people, but also for old in the evenings! For seven days, the kids can come here in the afternoon for crafts, a drum caravan, djembé workshops, a real children's disco and more! There are also various fairground attractions throughout the week, including a merry-go-round and a merry-go-round.

14:00-17:00 Putting feathers
14:00-17:00 Crafts with Stichting Gast
14:00-17:00 Djembé workshop kids + free play
14:00-17:00 Circus Kiko workshop

Guest Foundation
St. Gast is a small Nijmegen organization that has existed for 20 years and supports undocumented residents of Nijmegen. Our guests come from different parts of the world. On Stadseiland Stek, Gast facilitates a creative craft afternoon for seven days.

Djembe workshop
Discover the fun Djembé workshop for children! This workshop is about music, fun and discovering other cultures. Together we go on an adventure with the djembé, an instrument from Africa that sounds great and that you can drum on. Our great and experienced workshop supervisors will teach you everything about the djembe. We are going to discover how to use your hands, make different sounds and play cool rhythms together. It's really going to be a party! It doesn't matter if you already have experience making music or if this is your first time. Everyone is welcome!

Circus Kiko
In the open piste juggling workshops of Circus Kiko, the children can try the different juggling tricks and play with the juggling materials. The children can juggle with balls, rings, cones, diabolo, flower sticks and turn Chinese plates. They can come and go and come back again (up to a maximum of about 20 participants at the same time) and always decide for themselves how long they want to practice and try out and play with.

Parents are also welcome (if the crowds allow) to give it a try and/or encourage the children. Juggler Kiko helps on the way, demonstrates, explains, teaches an extra trick to those who already know it (a little) and of course also shows the necessary juggling tricks from time to time.

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From a children's disco to a djembe workshop, and from running on the obstacle course to playing in…

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Stadseiland Stek - Speelzand

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