13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
Placeholder for Portrait 2 Janneke van der Putten Photo by Manuel Stark 2019 web tinyPortrait 2 Janneke van der Putten Photo by Manuel Stark 2019 web tiny

Janneke van der Putten explores her voice as a sound texture in an intuitive and physical way. She has specialized in extended vocal techniques, where two or more sounds are produced simultaneously: fundamentals, harmonies, interferences and spatial reflections. Van der Putten uses architecture as a natural sound amplifier and as a trigger for echoes or other sound effects. Wandering in space, she makes the sound move and thus generates a dynamic listening experience. Her performance in the Chapel is performed without electrical amplification. For example, she focuses on the exploration of space itself: how it sounds, whether it is illuminated or not, and where the audience is located. In short: a performance that will be 100% unique, partly thanks to the special location.

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Location & stage

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Valkhof Festival - St. Nicolaaskapel

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