16-22 juli 2022nijmegen

Bas van Woerkum (Radboud Reflects) – Dieren denken, maar niet zoals je denkt

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When you watch a squirrel hiding a nut, you can easily imagine a whole stream of thoughts. “This is where I'm going to hide my nut, so I won't be hungry later. Or wait, there's a crow watching! Then hide somewhere else again, otherwise I will lose my nut.” Is this roughly what a squirrel thinks, or are we projecting our own thought process onto the behavior we see? Can we, with our human brains, even imagine what goes on in the minds of our non-human fellow animals? Philosopher Bas van Woerkum takes us into the thought world of animals, where ideas about intelligence and cognitive abilities take on a different meaning. Do animals have thoughts? Does it help us to compare the minds of animals with that of humans? Or, in order to understand how animals think, do we have to change our very idea of what thinking is? Come and go beyond the limits of the carnal mind.

This is a lecture by Radboud Reflects. Radboud Reflects organizes lectures for everyone about philosophy, religion, ethics, society and culture. The (international) scientists who speak to us offer you an innovative and in-depth look at the big questions of our time.

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