16-22 juli 2022nijmegen


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Diversity, innovation and sustainability. These are the three most important criteria we use to select entrepreneurs to participate in the Vierdaagsefeesten.

Therefore, not all those who request a booth automatically get one, as there is limited space available. Entrepreneurs from previous years moreover often return to the event. Those in the business of for instance locally sourced, biological or Fair Trade products perfectly match our mission for sustainability, and therefore get prioritized in placement.

The same situation applies to the program of the Vierdaagsefeesten: many entrepreneurs return annually to the event, which means that there are limited spaces available. When a spot does open up, we do our very best to search for entrepreneurs who bring something new to the table, filling a possible gap in the program. We do this to ensure a good balance exists within the program, which then can appeal to a multitude of audiences.

New entrepreneurs

Have you never participated in the Vierdaagsefeesten before, but are you interested and convinced that your concept matches our mission? Then register yourself to our backup-list. We use this list to select suitable candidates when a new spot opens up in the program.

Previous participants

Are you an entrepreneur who has participated in the Vierdaagsefeesten before? Then you will automatically receive the annual digital registration form for the Vierdaagsefeesten somewhere the in the second half of January. We will send this form to the e-mail address that you provided to us the year before. If your contact information has changed, please let us know by sending an e-mail to r.van.wijhe@vierdaagsefeesten.nl.

Musicians / Artists

Due to the large number of requests we receive from musicians / artists to perform at the Vierdaagsefeesten, we kindly request that register yourself using the form below. Once you have completed the form, your contact information will be forwarded to a number of different program directors.

If a program director is interested, they will contact you personally.

Information specifically for entrepreneurs - Orange booklet

We have created a digital booklet (known as ‘the orange booklet’) with a list of information specifically comprised for entrepreneurs participating in the Vierdaagsefeesten. In this booklet you can find information on general terms and conditions, requirements for food and non-food placements, outside sitting and entertainment areas. Other information in this booklet that might be useful are instructions on for instance parking, noise violations, crowd control, the phases of building up and breaking down and the collection of garbage.

You can download the orange booklet right here (PDF; in Dutch).