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The Vierdaagsefeesten is not a single event, but 40 festivals rolled into one: every podium is a festival in itself. Some 15 event organisers, caterers and cultural institutions are responsible for the programme of one or more podiums. These are the main locations:

Matrixx Live aan de Kade

During the Vierdaagsefeesten, the iconic Waalkade, the symbolic ‘heart’ of Nijmegen, is home to Matrixx Live aan de Kade. Every evening for seven days you can enjoy a performance by a famous live artist, followed by a live Foute Uur (No Style Hour) by the DJs of Qmusic. Let go and sing and dance to the greatest sing-alongs, hits and guilty pleasures!

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Valkhof Festival

In the idyllic Valkhofpark, the Valkhof Festival rolls out the red carpet for a series of acts you simply can’t miss. Within the Vierdaagsefeesten, the Valkhof Festival is the place to go to discover something new. Between the centuries-old chapel and crumbling ruins, there are seven podiums to help you explore the music of the future, from indie and metal to hip-hop and house. You may have heard some of the names, but most will be new to you. Think of how happy you’ll be to have seen these artists in their early days at the Valkhof Festival.


The Molenstraat stands for conviviality, diversity and fun performances! During the Vierdaagsefeesten, the Molenstraat is transformed into one big outdoor café with performances by the best Dutch artists and live bands and entertainment for young and old. The audience all have one thing in common: they’re out to have a really great party! And when the outdoor party ends, simply move indoors and carry on partying long into the night.

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De Kaaij

During the Vierdaagsefeesten, de Kaaij is a safe haven, somewhere where you feel comfortable taking your parents, grand-children, neighbour or study friend. Here you can enjoy great music from all over the globe: from rockabilly, ska and rock to blues, classical music and reggae.

Go with the flow of the moment and join a hula hoop or yoga workshop or build a sandcastle and walk home under the Waalbrug!

Café Samson

Tear-jerkers, steamy rock or Nederpop? Whatever your taste, you’ll find something to your liking during the Vierdaagsefeesten on the podium of Café Samson. In the Houtstraat, just around the corner from Plein ’44, join us for a great party with a friendly atmosphere and an exciting varied programme and audience. Cheers!

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Van Ouds

At Van Ouds the swinging live bands alternate guilty pleasures with great hits that you’d never admit to loving. With our three alternating podium, there’s not a dull minute in the Augustijnenstraat and we keep the party going for the full Vierdaagsefeesten. So get your feet moving, sing along with us, or get up on stage for the Great Karaoke Show.


At the end of the Hertogstraat, Credible offers a familiar and friendly venue where you can dance and drink all night during the Vierdaagsefeesten. Our in-Credible line-up consists of a varied programme alternating disco, funk and singer-songwriters with upcoming talent. And on Pink Wednesday we make plenty of room for drag kings, drag queens and dancers!

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Stadseiland Stek

A place where everyone can discover, meet and experience. At Stadseiland Stek, tranquility and creativity come together on four varied stages. Both adults and children can escape the hustle and bustle of the city here in an environment full of music, theater and culture.

Each day has a different cultural color, which continues in the evening in a musical program for a diverse audience. Mainly concepts from our city Nijmegen are programmed here, sought in addition to what is already happening downtown.

Grote markt

If you want a non-stop party in a nostalgic setting, the Grote Markt is the place to be during the Vierdaagsefeesten. The setting: a stunning historical venue in Nijmegen with two podiums featuring a non-stop stream of the best Dutch bands. Sing-alongers and dance songs from the 1990’s until today, great classics and the latest hits– relax and enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere. The Grote Markt is one big party for everyone!

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Locals modestly refer to it as ‘for years the most fun square in town!’ The Hertogplein is the place to be for music and partying, from soul and pop to schlager and Dutch hits. So throw your hands up in the air, make friends for life, and sing along at the top of your voice!

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Perhaps the most striking podium of the Vierdaagsefeesten is to be found underground: in the Kelfkensbos parking garage. The concrete walls create a fantastic setting and acoustics. Under the title ‘Classic Goes Underground’, the programme, co-created with the Stadsschouwburg and De Vereeniging, includes some stunning classical concerts. A magical place of rest amidst the bustle and revelry.

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During the Vierdaagsefeesten, the Koningsplein is all about friendly fun. Live bands make it impossible to remain still: the best cover and party bands and Dutch singers all take turns on the podium. Imagine an entire square full of people loudly singing along, dancers and party-goers. What a thrill to be part of it! The ultimate Koningsplein feeling!


People come to the Mariënburgplein during the Vierdaagsefeesten to enjoy a varied mix of live music, fun activities for the children and much more! Every afternoon, we offer an interactive expedition for families, created by the Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid, het Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis, LUX and the Nijmegen Regional Archives. In the evening, you can enjoy a variety of bands, singer-songwriters and performers on the podiums. In short, come to Mariënburg for a great variety of experiences and discoveries!

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Matrixx at the Park

The lovely Hunnerpark is the ultimate hotspot for young people during the Vierdaagsefeesten. Here you’ll find the best artists and DJs of the day, from house DJs to urban live artists and everything in between. An impressive main stage, a great line-up and a fantastic end show conspire to create a complete dance festival for all.

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For some unforgettable relaxed moments at the Vierdaagsefeesten, come to the Van Schaeck Mathonsingel: Nijmegen’s very own Ramblas straight across from the station. Enjoy, relax and listen with your friends and family to the more than 50 talented artists in Nijmegen’s largest café. And don’t forget to treat yourself to something delicious from one of our food trucks.

Kelfkensbos Festival

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for 7 days of dancing at Kelfkensbos Festival! The makers of Smaakmarkt Labyrinth will transform Nijmegen's most desolate square into the place where many a pop heart beats faster. It is the place to be where young and old dance together to timeless pop classics. Be There or be Square!

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The Stevenskerk is Nijmegen’s oldest and largest church, located on the Grote Markt. During the Vierdaagsefeesten you can come here to enjoy exceptional, intimate performances by leading artists, programmed by Doornroosje. The hushed acoustics of the church give the soul singers, pop bands and singer-songwriter that extra bit of magic, allowing the music to touch us deeper still. Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid has created a day-time programme of stillness and reflection , with Writers in the Stevenskerk. The Four Day Marches mass service, the official opening of the Vierdaagsefeesten, is also held in the church and you can even abseil from the Stevenstoren!

World Street Kitchen

During the Vierdaagsefeesten, the World Street Kitchen brings together an exotic mix of cultures. Enjoy multicultural styles like urban and funk, or dream away in Caribbean style. With a different global theme every night, join us for some truly world fun for young and old! On the Mariënburg, behind LUX, fall under the spell of food, drinks and music from different cultures.

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Matrixx Rade aan de Kade

On the podium stands a big wheel with the names of different music genres. Every ten minutes De Sjieke Bazen & Friends spin the wheel and play music in the selected genre. If you have a request, don’t hesitate to ask, we can always cheat a bit! From the 1990s to rock, and from guilty pleasures to local hits. A party for all!

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De Hemel

At De Hemel, located in a medieval monastery on the Franseplaats, you can enjoy peace and quiet right in the heart of the city centre during the Vierdaagsefeesten. Sitting under the trees, enjoy the bustle in the background and the waiters hurrying by. At night, De Hemel offers a podium for upcoming local talent. The combination of talented singer-songwriters and the unique setting create an intimate concert feeling with a French touch, all night long.


The Faberplein offers a mix of recognisable all-round party music for a wide audience during Vierdaagsefeesten. This ranges from Dutch hits and guilty pleasures to the best rock, pop and dance records of all time, performed by well-known artists, the best cover bands and party DJs. Under a fine decor of chandeliers, fabric strips and flowering plane trees, you imagine yourself in an open-air pub on the square between Van Broeckhuysenstraat and Tweede Walstraat. That means singing along and dancing along!

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During the day, Smaakmarkt offers cosy terraces, a tasty selection of street food and a beautiful view of the Waal river. When the sun sets, Smaakmarkt on the Waalkade transforms into a street festival!

During the Vierdaagsefeesten, you will find many different styles of music, such as disco, hip-hop/urban, reggea/dancehall, Latin, afrobeat, italo but also the necessary pop and hits. This is music at its best, so put your chairs aside and dance!

Arsenaal 1824

In the middle of Nijmegen's bustling city centre, but away from the crowds, you'll find Arsenaal 1824. The musical terrace is full of history and comes with a fine atmosphere and nice ambiance.

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