By train

During Vierdaagsefeesten, Nijmegen is reached best by public transport. Longer, and extra (night)trains are arranged for to and from Nijmegen, and the NS 4Days Round Trip offers a cheap way to travel by train.

The 8th Commandment of Vierdaagsefeesten reads “Thou shalt leave thy car at home. Walk, ride a bike, or use public transport. Traffic jams are boring, and clean air is yummy.”  We will do anything to transport visitors to the city center in the most sustainable way possible during Vierdaagsefeesten. The Dutch Railway Company NS supports this initiative and makes travelling by train an attractive alternative with the NS 4Days Round Trip ticket.

NS Vierdaagsefeesten Round Trip Ticket

Do you want to travel to Vierdaagsefeesten by train? Buy your NS Vierdaagsefeesten Round Trip ticket online, and travel with a 20% discount from every train station in the Netherlands to Nijmegen, Elst, or Wijchen. Plan your trip in advance in the Travel Planner on or the Reisplanner Xtra travel planner app. Check for more information. Special shuttle trains run between Arnhem and Nijmegen all day on the day of the festive entry parade on the ‘Via Gladiola’. Train companies Arriva and Veolia provide extra transportation on Friday as well.

Up-to-date public transport travel times

A trip from door to door using all types of public transport can easily be planned with the use of the website (specifically for Vierdaagsefeesten transport, cab stands included) or Up-to-date travel times are displayed. Your public transport itinerary is easily planned to and from a train station, zip code, or address. Smartphones can use the 9292 app, which is also available in English.