Vierdaagsefeesten, is the largest freely accessible event in the Netherlands, and the fourth largest event in Europe.

During 7 days, our free event Vierdaagsefeesten offers the biggest and most vibrant party. Every year we present a program that attracts people to make over 1.6 million visits to the inner city of Nijmegen, the oldest city of the Netherlands. In July 2018 40 stages featured approximately 3000 artists. Our festival offers – during the day and at night – an amazing line-up of dance, rock, Latin, pop, jazz, classical music, theatre and fine arts. Besides the music you’ll enjoy the markets, food trucks, fine dining, a Kids Walk and spectacular fireworks. We emphasise on environmentally friendly collaboration, innovation and fun.

Our ambition is to direct and facilitate a free, accessible and valuable event for the current and future generations. During the event we will show you how we accomplish this and how you’ll participate in this: for yourself, for each other, with healthy and local food and in a sustainable way. Vierdaagsefeesten is a fizzy summer festival to be enjoyed casually: healthy food and drinks are important, green innovations are to be admired and in the meantime you participate – sometimes unnoticed – in keeping yourself and your own environment more healthy. Vierdaagsefeesten brings together each year 360.000 unique visitors, young and old, with or without restrictions, from all different cultures and social backgrounds. And it fits!

Vierdaagsefeesten 2019: July 13-19, 50th Edition

Vierdaagsefeesten will be held simultaneously with the International Four Days Marches.