12 commandments

The fortunate residents of our city center are a bit less fortunate during the Vierdaagsefeesten, because where there’s a party, there’s nuisance. To ensure that the Vierdaagsefeesten will be a celebration for everyone, we strictly but lovingly request from all our visitors to politely follow the Twelve Commandments of the Vierdaagsefeesten.

1 Thou shalt be considerate when homebound

Residents of the city center will hear you anyway. Shouting is not required.

2 Thou shalt enjoy

As if your life depends on it. But take care of yourself and remember: the use of alcohol and drugs is never without risk

3 Thou shalt separate

Separate your waste and make sure your glass becomes a soft drink bottle or new recyclable glass for next year.

4 Thou shalt urinate in one of the many toilets or portable urinals

Using the festival grounds as a huge public urinal is not necessary.

5 Thou shalt be alert

Read the LED panels: decide for yourself if you will make the most crowded places even more crowded, or if you will go to a different location.

6 Thou shalt behave thyself

The entire city center is full of cameras… Big Brother is watching you

7 Thou shalt be kind to all thy fellow-partygoers

Hugs are free. The Vierdaagsefeesten has seen the start of many marriages

8 Thou shalt leave thy car at home

Walk, ride a bike, or use public transport. Traffic jams are boring and clean air is yummy

9 Thou shalt not be stingy

Buy your drinks at the bar: all party locations will remain freely accessible if you do so, since the bar owners pay for the line-up.

10 Thou shalt be proud of those who participate in the Marches

Their feet are close to necrosis. Giving them a gladiolus will not be out of place

11 Thou shalt use contactless payment

Because paying with cash is só 2001

12 Thou shalt return

And visit the Vierdaagsefeesten again.

The city of Nijmegen will be pleased to welcome you back.

Have fun!